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    Fax:0086-543-2510096 ext 865
    Address:Economic Development Zone, Boxing County, Shandong Province, China

    Farm products

    Besides pesticides and fertilizers, Jingbo Agrochem is also aiming at the Agricultural Service Management Plan and farm products, to realize the goal of Agricultural Modernization. We are engaging in planting and cultivating fruit and vegetables. From planting to harvest, Jingbo Agrochem has gained remarkable reputation on several crops like potato, strawberry, dragon fruit, Pomelo and winter jujube.

    The total project covers more than 50 thousand Hectares in China. And the Brand of Jingbo Agrochem is famous among the farmers. Besides providing agrochemical products combinations, our technicians are also helping the farmers to solve the problems on management and nutrition, to help them build a scientific and high-effect management system. During the efforts of the Agricultural Service Management Plan, the strawberry and dragon fruit products are high-producing and very competitive in the market.